Pregnancy Pearls with Dr. Plenty

Pregnancy planning

By following, you will learn steps to take prior to your pregnancy in order to get the very best pregnancy outcome.

High risk expertise

As a high-risk pregnancy expert, you will get the scoop about how to handle different complications in pregnancy and what to expect if they arise.

Postpartum and beyond

Pregnancy advise doesn’t just end after delivery. You will also gain insight into how to navigate the first weeks of the postpartum period and motherhood.

What people are saying about Dr. Plenty….

Dr. Plenty is so kind and patient. I can honestly say, she is one of the best doctors on the planet!

-Mandy, Indianapolis, IN

Dr. Plenty is extremely knowledgeable and gives excellent and accurate pregnancy advice.

-Katie, Baton Rouge, LA
Dr. Nicole Plenty
Feedback about pregnancy pearls…

The information provided through the blog and videos are very informative and easy to comprehend. She really breaks the information down.

-Miranda L., Lake Charles, LA

Great website, but I especially like the videos. Dr. Plenty is so relatable.

-Keisha, Houston, TX

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Purpose of the site….

After seeing patients in clinic who often researched their own information online to make decisions, Dr. Plenty saw a need to provide a site where patients can get information regarding pregnancy issues. As an example, Dr. Plenty experienced patients doing things like refusing flu shots because they thought it would harm their pregnancies. Then some of these patients ended up in the ICU with complications from the flu. She realized that patients trust the “internet” and some do not feel comfortable asking their doctors questions at appointments. So, Dr. Plenty created this site to support patient self-advocacy by giving patients evidence-based knowledge and encouragement to help them through the pregnancy.

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